Are Samsung’s Galaxy Phones Going To Get MagSafe? 

On February 1, 2023, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It shares a lot of similarities with the Galaxy S22 Ultra from the previous year. However, the Galaxy S23 Ultra has established itself as the best smartphone to date thanks to an improved camera setup and outstanding mobile performance. Samsung is still committed to forging its own path by providing an ever-evolving camera system and more excellent hardware and software experiences in order to stand out among smartphones. Furthermore, there may be certain areas where improvements could make. Some Android users want a battery that is significantly larger than 5,000 mAh, as well as MagSafe fast charging. In relation to that, will Samsung introduce a MagSafe phone?

What Makes MagSafe Good?

Apple gave us MagSafe in 2020 by integrating a magnet onto the rear of the iPhone 12. Along with the MagSafe iPhone, they also introduced the MagSafe charger, which magnetically aligns with the phone to charge it. This makes wireless charging simpler and more efficient because you no longer need to find the wireless charger’s perfect spot or worry that a notification vibration will halt charging. It rapidly received attention among iPhone users because of this.

MagSafe offers other uses besides wireless charging. Later, Apple unveiled a MagSafe battery pack and wallets. Other manufacturers of phone accessories quickly entered the fray. Today, a wide range of MagSafe accessories are available to make using a phone more manageable in various circumstances. The phone can connect to various devices, including a battery pack, a phone grip, and others. One-handed mounting of the phone on the car mount is possible, and it can also be magnetically attached to a MagSafe wireless charging mount. You can remove your phone from the MagSafe charger with ease when you need it.

Are there any plans for a Samsung Galaxy phone with MagSafe?

This is a question that has been on the minds of many Samsung users since Apple introduced its MagSafe technology in 2020. MagSafe is a magnetic connector system that allows users to easily attach and detach accessories to their Apple devices, such as the iPhone and MacBook. It has quickly become a popular and convenient solution for Apple users, and many have been wondering if Samsung will follow suit with its own version for its Galaxy phones.

So, will Samsung’s Galaxy phones get MagSafe technology? 

The answer is currently unknown, as Samsung has not officially announced any plans to adopt this technology for its devices. However, there are several reasons why it might make sense for Samsung to consider this option.

First and foremost, MagSafe technology has been well received by Apple users, and its popularity continues to grow. The convenience of being able to quickly attach and detach accessories, and the added security of the magnetic connection, make MagSafe a desirable feature for many consumers. If Samsung were to adopt this technology for its Galaxy phones, it could potentially attract even more customers who are looking for a similar solution.

Another reason why Samsung might consider adopting MagSafe technology is to enhance the versatility of its Galaxy phones. With MagSafe, users have access to a wide range of accessories, such as charging pads, cases, and mounts, which can greatly enhance the functionality of their devices. This could make Samsung’s Galaxy phones even more appealing to consumers, as they would be able to enjoy even more capabilities and options.

Additionally, Samsung already has its own wireless charging technology, called Wireless PowerShare, which allows users to charge other devices by placing them on the back of a compatible Samsung phone. By combining Wireless PowerShare technology, Samsung could create a unique and compelling solution for its users. This would allow them to easily charge their devices, as well as other accessories, using a single device.

Therefore, it is unlikely that Samsung will release a Galaxy phone with MagSafe any time soon.

Will Qi2 Allow the Galaxy S23 Ultra to Have MagSafe?

However, Qi2, the wireless charging replacement for Qi, will be available in 2023. It will give Android smartphones a MagSafe-like charging experience at a high speed of up to 15 W. The Qi2 will utilize a comparable magnetic wireless charging system using Apple’s MagSafe technology, which debuted with the iPhone 12. Additionally, enormous brand compatibility guaranteed. And after Qi2 released, will it work with S23 Ultra? It’s not implausible, by any means.

The fact that Qi2’s energy management reduces energy loss when the phone is not aligned with the charger, helping to increase battery capacity, is what counts most. With the release of Qi2, an increasing number of Android users will be able to utilize wireless charging. Therefore, Qi2 will significantly minimize waste from damaged wired chargers and wires, which will contribute to even greater environmental preservation. We have grounds to believe that Samsung will adopt Qi2 technology in the same way that they do with Qi because it is consistent with their sustainability commitment to safeguarding the environment.

Samsung might adopt Qi2 instead or use another easier way to add MagSafe capability to Galaxy phones, for example, using phone cases and mounts.


It’s possible that Samsung may release a phone with MagSafe technology. However, Samsung has not officially announced any plans to do so.

It’s important to remember that Apple designed MagSafe as a private technology. So it’s likely that Samsung will want to adopt it for its own devices.  Additionally, Samsung has a strong brand identity and may prefer to continue developing its own technology and solutions.





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