Charge All of Your Electronic Devices with One Magnet Mount Wireless Charger: QROV 

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android, a magnet mount wireless charger is essential. Because language is the medium of communication and mobile phones are the medium of communication worldwide, the only gadgets that allow us to access all the applications and benefits of phones are chargers. Chargers are a necessity for charging your mobile phones and magnet mount wireless charger are essential in cars.

In 2022, worldwide smartphone users are 6.648 billion, which is 83.32% of the population. The total population that owns the featured phone is 7.26 billion, which translates to 91% of the world’s population.

If we examine the market share of mobile phone users worldwide, according to the recent report from Statista, Android is still leading with 73.24% of the mobile phone operating system market share, followed by iOS with 20.08%.

If 83% of the world’s population has smartphones, and you are one, then this blog is for you. Because here we will discuss the convenience and benefits of the universal magnet mount wireless charger, QROV.

Either you are part of the 73.34% of the population that uses Android, or you are an IOS user by entering 20.08%; the QROV Max is for all. A universal wireless car phone charger that fits in all types of vehicles and is capable of charging any wirelessly compatible device.

But, it’s not enough; QROV has much more to enhance your charging experience while driving. Let’s explore other aspects and advantages of a universal car charger.

Switch Your Phone, But Not the Charger.

We are all aware of the fact that with iOS, you have to have a different charger. Many Android smart feature phones on Android do not include chargers. One has to buy a specific charger for their mobile phone. You’ll have to pay extra for the charger if you want to switch from iOS to Android or vice versa.

On this note, QROV is an Apple wireless car charger that only lets you change your phone without concern about the charger. From all the iPhone’s compatible models to all wirelessly compatible Android smartphones, QROV is the best choice to install as an Apple wireless car charger.

Impress your friends and colleagues with QROV.

Friends and colleagues are important people in an individual’s life, as we spend a lot of time with them. From going to parties to making sudden long-distance plans, some people enhance their quality of life. And in the same way, the QROV Max Apple wireless car charger improves the quality of travel and charging experiences.

If the phone isn’t charged, you won’t be able to capture a beautiful moment or use navigation guides on unknown routes.

Furthermore, no one carries chargers on sudden trips, and phones occasionally run out of battery. Here, everyone needs different chargers to charge their phones; some need lighting cables, and some chargers have USB-C and B-type cables.

However, if you have reserved a QROV car mount wireless charger, you should have no worries. You don’t need USB-B and a lighting cable. All you need to do is place your phone on QROV’s wireless car phone charger mount, and you can charge any of your friends’ phones quickly.

QROV’s MagSafe Mode

Yes! For the iPhones, Apple introduced the charging technology known as MagSafe, and for Android, you can use the universal standards. But both technologies run on the principle of inductive charging and are compatible with the Qi technology of charging.

QROV, an iPhone MagSafe car charger that charges iPhone and Android devices and follows universal standards, QROV is uniquely designed for wireless charging for a range of smartphones worldwide.

If you want to charge your iPhone, then all you need to do is turn the charger into MagSafe mode. Keep any wirelessly compatible iPhone model and iPhone MagSafe car charger in place while charging your phone magnetically.

Alternatively, if you have an Android phone that supports wireless charging, position it by turning the side arm up and charging wirelessly.

QROV compliments the technology of wireless charging in all ways.

You can even charge your AirPods with QROV.

You might be thinking that QROV has solved all charging issues for iPhone and Android, but what about AirPods? Because it seems more difficult to look after AirPods’ batteries all the time, but it’s easy to charge them while placing them on a charging mount.

So, yes! You can even charge your AirPods with QROV’s wireless car phone charger. Apple stated that the third version of its AirPods would be MagSafe compatible in late 2021. The AirPods Pro fits into this group of wireless charging compatibility. The AirPods Pro only supported Qi wireless charging before the announcement.

To enjoy hassle-free charging, you must possess a QROV MagSafe car charger. Fortunately, with QROV Max, you don’t have to purchase it separately. You can easily place your AirPods in QROV’s mount, and they will start charging. So now that you know the solution to your question, you can charge your AirPods Pro using a QROV MagSafe car charger.


Whether you have an iPhone or Android, you can easily charge it by placing it on QROV’s car mount wireless charger. With QROV’s car wireless charger, no worries about switching phones because you don’t have to spend extra on chargers. QROV is an ideal option for charging any wirelessly compatible device, including air pods.

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