Does Car Magnetic Wireless Charger Work With Phone Case?

Wireless charging has evolved in recent years, even after it started offering in-cabin car smartphone chargers. As this inductive charging technology is still young, there are a lot of unanswered questions, such as “Does a car magnetic wireless charger work with the case?”

The short answer to this concern is that a case does not interfere with wireless phone charging, but there are some cases that are not compatible with magnetic wireless charger. Before you choose any old phone case, there are some factors to take into account to keep your Android, iPhone, and AirPods charged and ready at all times.

With the introduction of wireless charging, smartphone manufacturers have significantly improved our quality of life and enhanced our traveling experience. We now only need one cord to charge any wirelessly compatible device.

Considering how vulnerable and expensive smartphones are, it seems logical that many people want to safeguard them by using a phone case.

Under some circumstances, a magnetic wireless charger or any other wireless charging device can be used with a phone case.

In this blog, we’ll examine every aspect of charging a smartphone with a phone case via a wireless car charger. In addition, we will go over QROV’s magnetic wireless charger, which enables you to charge your phone while wearing a 3mm-thick plastic case.

Phone cases that are not compatible with car wireless phone charger:

The majority of significant smartphone manufacturers implement a method of wireless charging known as the Qi standard. Each brand offers chargers with marginally different wattages. However, the core technology is the same. Electromagnetic induction is used to transmit power to your phone in order to charge it from a magnetic wireless car charger.

Even if you aren’t an engineer or physicist, you may have played with magnets as a child. And if you did, you probably gained first-hand knowledge of a few things that interfere with magnets. Metal, other magnets, and thick objects, in particular, prevent the magnetic field from passing through; the same principle applies in smartphone cases with a magnetic wireless car charger.

Main reasons that interfere with wireless charging:

  • Cases that are too thick or bulky may interfere with wireless charging. They can not only interfere with the electromagnetic field but also overheat your car magnetic wireless charger, case, or even your phone.
  • Metal cases: A wireless charging mount’s electromagnetic signal can be significantly disrupted by metal cases. In fact, once wireless charging became the norm, this was one of the key reasons Apple switched from aluminum to glass for the backs of its iPhones.
  • Wallet Cases: In this condition, the case’s materials matter more than the case itself. Credit cards, RFID chips, security IDs, and other items you would store in a wallet might be harmed by magnetic fields.
  • Battery cases—basically power banks that snap onto your phone—can also be an issue. Nevertheless, some producers, such as Apple and Samsung, have produced battery casings that support wireless charging. 

Phone cases that are compatible with wireless car chargers

Qi and MagSafe compatible phone cases that made it function with a variety of car magnetic wireless charger. To experience a cordless cabin in the vehicle, get the right wireless charging phone.

Advantages of Compatible Magnetic Cases

  • No Interference: In contrast to conventional magnetic cases, compatible cases provide a smooth charging experience. The charging system, or the flow of power not hampered by these circumstances.
  • Hold the phone firmly in place while charging.
  • A magnetic case securely holds your phone in place. In particular, it is preferable to use a car magnetic wireless charger that securely holds your case.
  • Magnets, on the other hand, allow for wireless charging. Science says that magnets convert energy into electricity, so you don’t have to discard your magnetic casing completely. Instead, you only need to arrange it gently.

QROV wireless car charger mount

Case compatibility is an essential feature that can’t ignored under any circumstances.

Because if a car wireless charger is not compatible with the case, you will spend much of your time just removing the case.

In such situations, QROV is the best wireless car charger mount to prefer for several reasons. QROV is a well-crafted car phone wireless charger that offers extraordinary features for comfort and better driving and charging experience.

One of the appreciable features of QROV wireless car charger mount is case compatibility. With this car charger, you don’t need to remove the phone case. As QROV specially designed to work with plastic cases up to 3mm thick and also charge with MagSafe case.


It’s not only about the wireless charging case, but the watt your car phone wireless charger supports is equally important. A sluggish charger won’t be able to charge your phone through the phone case.

QROV is the best car phone wireless charger with a strong grip that holds the phone and case easily. Additionally, QROV has exceptional case compatibility and can charge phones with a MagSafe case and even with plastic cases up to 3 mm thick.

Wireless charging has been around for a while; however, premium chargers that offer a dependable and durable product, like the QROV universal car charging mount, are now available.

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