Does Magnet Affect Wireless Charging Your Phone?

Wireless charging is an expanding market where magnetic wireless charger plays a vital role in making the world more convenient. The technology that works for wireless charging is inductive charging, where magnetic fields assist in generating power.

The most widespread and common notion is that magnets are unfavorable to our electronic gadgets. Many take magnets as they can corrupt or ruin data on a hard drive or interfere with your phone’s GPS, but the question is, do magnets actually damage our electronics?

Magnets are actually rather widespread in the devices we use on a daily basis, from our speakers to the washing machine. Our personal electrical devices, including earbuds and even mobile phones, contain magnets as well.

Many people wonder if magnets have an impact on the magnetic wireless charger as they become more and more widespread.

In this blog we will explore the magnet’s side and answer the question: Do Magnets really affect wireless charging?

What Function Do Magnets in Wireless Charging Serve?

Magnets Turn Energy into Electricity

As you may already be aware, magnets enable magnetic wireless charger to wireless charging because they generate power using a magnetic field. Scientists in the 19th century identified the connection between magnetism and electricity. Nikola Tesla and other inventors started building electronic gadgets using electromagnetism, establishing the foundation for wireless charging.

Wireless chargers have magnets.

Magnetic materials like iron and steel have the strength to attract or pull metals. Magnet mount wireless charger are an example of a product that makes use of magnets’ inherent properties.

Although you might not assume the combination, the magnetic wireless charger is an inevitable implementation of wireless charging. Without your assistance or the use of any additional materials, your phone will draw power from the charger.

Do Magnets Affect Electronics Damage?

Electronics, computers, and other electronic gadgets all frequently use magnets. However, there isn’t much cause for concern. Why? Electronics frequently contain safe-to-use, household-level magnets. Furthermore, you can use those magnets if they are installed correctly.

Inductive charging, also known as wireless charging, transmits electricity wirelessly using magnetic fields. Magnets can disrupt wireless charging, making it difficult for the two to connect.

Is Wireless Charging Affected by Magnets?

However, trustworthy magnet mount wireless charger and brands like QROV place magnets to prevent interference between the phone and the charging coils. Another way to prevent harming a phone’s complex internals is to strategically place the metal on or within the phone casing.

What Makes Magnetic Wireless Chargers the Best Option?

With a magnet mount wireless charger, the mount automatically auto-aligns your device, providing a steady and consistent charge. Additionally, magnetic wireless car charger are more convenient. Inductive charging is used in standard wireless chargers that need the phone and charger to be aligned together. It’s difficult to pick up phones, especially while driving a vehicle. Your phone will, however, remain in place with the help of magnets regardless of the circumstances if you have installed a magnetic wireless car charger.

How do I pick the best wireless magnetic charger?

We’ve covered a lot about magnet mount wireless charger and how to pick the best one, so let’s understand the advantages of a magnetic wireless charger.

Holds Your Phone Safely

Since glass is a better material for LTE signals, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, modern smartphones tend to have glass backs. To charge your iPhone or smartphone with a car wireless magnetic charger, you can have a wireless car charger like QROV—you don’t need to remove the case up to 3mm in QROV. Additionally, we can provide a case in order to use your smartphone with a magnetic wireless car charger.

No Interference with Wireless Charging

Metals like magnets can readily obstruct wireless charging. Position them carefully to not restrict the function of wireless charging. In wireless charging, positioning and alignment are the keys to fast charging. Finding the best wireless charging case accessory is important to charge properly. Magnetic wireless car charger like QROV come with an Auto-coil adjustment feature that enhances the charging speed 3x times more than any conventional charger. The ideal choice is a magnetic wireless charger, where you do not need to remove the case or charging case that is compatible with wireless chargers.

An extraordinary design

Whether you’re in the office or your car, a wireless charger with a mount adjusted enables you to view your phone at a comfortable angle.

QROV charging mount — Your next charging companion for your smartphone

QROV uses well-placed magnets to attach and secure your phone using extraordinary features. The QROV max is compatible with any iPhone or smartphone that supports wireless charging. So it’s so convenient that all you need to do is mount your phone on the charger and it auto-aligns itself.

Its base has a twistable design to allow you to rotate it 360 degrees. It allows you to navigate easily in landscape mode while charging.

You can move the QROV car wireless magnet charger easily with multiple mounts at your favorite angle, which can easily be removed and installed.

It gives a clean look to the dashboard because its compact size provides adequate space. QROV max is an ideal choice for a car wireless magnetic charger.


As it blooms, wireless charging will be more prevalent. Magnetic gadgets with intelligent design are a great aid to innovation. There are various myths regarding magnets and their use. In this blog, we have cleared up all the myths to update you with all the futuristic approaches of car wireless magnetic charger and wireless charging.

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