Everything About The iPhone 14 And Its Charging Compatibility With MagSafe Wireless Car Charger

The rumors about the launched iPhone 14 had been swirling for months. We heard about a possible notch-less design, about a new camera, and more. What more can we anticipate from Apple’s upcoming flagship device, though? 

In this blog, we’ll unveil every rumor about the iPhone 14 and discuss every piece of information you require regarding the new iPhone. With this, we’ll also explore the MagSafe wireless car charger for the iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 14, Apple iPhone 14 Plus, Apple iPhone 14 Pro, and Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max are the four models that make up the 2022 iPhone line-up. The company no longer offers the iPhone mini in its new line-up. A Plus model has taken its place. 

Pro would denote higher-end specifications, and Max or Plus would denote a larger screen size. All three phones made the list of top phones since they deliver excellent performance outcomes.

Among other things, the Apple iPhone 14 has a 6.1-inch OLED screen, an Apple A15 Bionic Processor, and a 12MP dual-camera setup on the back. Let’s examine the Apple iPhone 14’s cost, attributes, and accessories to make sure you have the best possible experience.

Size Matters: iPhone 14 and Screen Sizes

The new iPhone will initially appear to be familiar. It’s difficult to predict where Apple may depart from its signature style because the business has been using the same design language for years. A display that will remain the same throughout Apple’s entry-level and top-end models at 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. The display bezels of the iPhone Pro Max model will be 20% less than those of the model’s predecessor with the same chassis and screen size.

According to leaks, these handsets’ screens might have a higher aspect ratio than that of earlier versions. Without top or bottom black bars, there may be more space for content like photographs or movies (a common problem). Additionally, it might be useful for games like Pokémon Go that require more vertical area than standard apps do.

Other Features & Specifications

The new iPhone 14 series feature a new and improved A16 chip. Apple claims to have improved thermal efficiency and management compared to last year’s A15 chip. This means that the new iPhone will not heat up easily with daily use! 

Face Identity, Animoji, Siri, and iMessage changes are just a few of the many new features. Users can get a glimpse of these new features in the iOS 16 beta, which is now available for download.

iPhone 14 series equipped with the ability to support 5G network speeds. As a result, you will be able to download stuff more speedily than ever.

The device also has Satellite Connectivity, so it can connect to cellular networks in places where there aren’t any cell towers nearby.

MagSafe Wireless car charger for the iPhone 14

The best and most important car accessory for the iPhone is, without a doubt, the MagSafe car mount. The charger is the powerhouse of any phone’s battery.

Apple refers to the magnetic technology integrated into the rear of iPhones as “MagSafe.” An internal magnet that used to charge batteries with the MagSafe system. To provide a secure charging experience, the MagSafe car mount charger is magnetic and precisely positioned on the device.

Faster wireless charging is available when your iPhone is compatible with the MagSafe wireless car charger attachment with strategically placed magnets. iPhones, Air Pods, and other devices are wirelessly charged with any Qi-certified charger, including the MagSafe Charger. 

While the notion of wireless charging is not new, it is practical to charge an iPhone, an Android, and other electronic devices with just one device. QROV- the Advanced MagSafe wireless car charger using Qi standards and magnetic technology to work with a range of phones.

QROV-designed to handle wireless charging for any wireless-compatible iPhone. It is a uniquely innovative MagSafe car mount charger that follows universal standards- Qi charging & magnetic technology. which means- Keeping your iPhone in MagSafe mode and charging it with a magnetic attachment. For an Android, position it by turning the side arm up.

If we discuss what makes MagSafe technology the most convenient, modern wire coil technology is used in the MagSafe car mount charger to provide Qi wireless charging while using magnets. These magnets adhere to the sensors, magnets, and shields inside the phone, allowing charging and transmitting crucial data.

QROV MagSafe car mount charger ensures faster and more effective charging. The MagSafe blends copper-graphite and nanocrystalline shielding with cutting-edge sensors. This makes it possible to safely and swiftly charge the phone. waves are used in Qi technology to transport power. This is a worldwide standard because all charging occurs in a closed environment without cords.


The QROV MagSafe charging mount is a perfect amalgamation of protection and style—made with well-grounded materials and precision engineered to perfection. The device is designed with a very decent look for those who love a classic design and appreciate quality products, just like an Apple fan!

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