Everything You Should Know About The QROV Car Mount For Phones

Using mobile phones while driving is not only distracting but also illegal in many states. But the urge of checking notifications is common, fear of not missing essential calls is common, and using navigation applications is common. And for all the common situations car mount for phones is essential.

We all need mobile phones for various purposes while driving, from navigation to hand-free calls. It’s not always appropriate to take your phone out of your pocket every time it rings. With car mount for phones, we can easily mount our mobile phones and can access all the necessary applications.

And what if you can charge your smartphone while using a mount? In this blog, we are going to discuss why car air vents are the most convenient place to mount smartphones and their benefits. Additionally, we will discuss the universal wireless car mount for phones, QROV max.

Air Vent Phone Holder for car

An air vent phone holder is a device that enables you to mount your smartphone in the car’s air vent. A secure, hands-free method of using  your smartphone in the car is a car vent mount. You can use your smartphone in either portrait or landscape mode with the air vent phone holders.

Many people only need to see their smartphones for navigation purposes. Also for the people who have to wait for essential calls while driving. For both scenarios, the Air vent is the most convenient place to mount your phone holder for car.

QROV a Car Phone Holder Charger 

Yes, you read it right. An Air vent holder with universal charging compatibility is QROV max. Which are a universal wireless charger and phone holder for car that comes with multiple mount options. It only takes a few seconds to securely attach your smartphone to the magnet using a QROV’s magnetic air vent car holder. which has strong magnets,stable mount, and broad compatibility.

The dashboard, windscreen, or air vent of the vehicle can all be readily attached to the QROV car phone holder. The best location for an in-car mobile holder depends on one’s preference. 

QROV car phone holder charger, an entirely cradle-less design allows for one-handed mounting and quick snap installation in a matter of seconds. The air vent types in any vehicle can support the car phone holder: circular, vertical, and horizontal.  You can mount or remove your phone with ease every time. You can easily set up everything with one hand.

QROV shares universal compatibility that really stands out as both a holder and wireless charger. QROV wireless car charger can charge any wireless charging compatible device either iPhone, Android, or AirPods, and QROV as a holder fits with any vehicle and smartphone.

With QROV max, You don’t need to remove your smartphone’s case. The car vent mount can hold most cases and charge your device up to a 3mm thick case. With QROV neither you need to remove the case for charging nor worry about case holding.

All you need is to place your mobile phone on the air vent mount and connect the magnetic charging holder with a cable holder on the side of the mount. Additionally, this enables using the power socket in your car to charge your smartphone while mounted simply. For this easily connecting process QROV  car phone holder charger comes with a C-type cable.

Convenience and Compatibility of Air vent wireless holder.

Powerful magnet

A sturdy handle on a wireless car charger and holder keeps it from slipping while you’re driving. A powerful design mechanism allows the Qrov car phone holder to securely hold the phone against a dashboard, air vent, or windshield without it falling. It holds the mount in place and clamps effortlessly onto the vent. The strongest magnet for holding phones and preventing them from dropping.

Strong grip clip

The enhanced clams on the suction cup give it a stronger hold while ensuring that there is no air space between the cup and the place. The car phone holder wireless charger contains a side grip support arm that securely holds all the devices provides an additional measure of security, and guards against any harm to the mobile phone when traveling over difficult routes.

360-degree rotational base

The air Vent mount allows you to position your smartphone for viewing in either portrait or landscape mode by turning it 360 degrees. Landscape view makes it simpler to use your preferred navigation application, while portrait mode is best for charging, music listening, and hands-free phone conversations.

User-friendly model

Your phone won’t get scratched or damaged with QROV car phone holder wireless charger. To hold your phone firmly even in the event of heavy bumps or turbulence, it has a round edge and a non-slip grip. Fits every smartphone, including the iPhone, Samsung, Lenovo, Moto, and Xiaomi.


A car air vent is one of the most preferable places to mount your phone holder. In this blog, we examine how QROV car phone holder wireless charger shares unique features with all convenience. If you are also looking for a phone holder and charger then, QROV max is an ideal option to choose.

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