Is Using Your Smartphone While It’s Charging Bad?

Do you believe using your phone while it is charging will cause it to blow up? Do you think you’ll harm your phone’s memory or damage the battery?

You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve ever wondered what happens to a smartphone’s battery while it’s being charged.

Whenever your phone is charging, do you use it? It’s the old argument.

But today, we’re here to put an end to it.

You’re going to find out if using your phone while it’s charging is doing any damage to it. 

Busting the Myth

It is a myth that your phone cannot be used while it is charging. It is wholly untrue. 

There is no justification for preventing you from using your phone while it is charging. Your phone will be able to handle the charge and keep running the current application.

When using your phone while it is charging, you may notice that it warms up, but this shouldn’t have a significant negative impact on the device. You should take your phone to a technician who can identify any problems if it becomes so warm that you can no longer hold it.

Today’s modern smartphone shouldn’t typically have any issues.

Where the Concept Comes From

When people use their phones while charging, the device’s internal temperature increases. The device would work too hard and accumulate extra salt inside its housing at the same time.

If the heat and pressure built up inside the phone’s casing were too much for it to handle, these batteries may cause the device to blow up.

But these issues are no longer a concern for you. The batteries in phones today are different. You shouldn’t experience any issues using your phone while it’s charging unless there is a fault.

Negative Effects of Using Your Phone While Changing the Battery

Using your phone while it is charging has one little drawback. In other words, charging the battery will take longer.

Your smartphone is as smart as its name suggests. Your applications’ battery consumption can determined by them. As a result, it adjusts the charging speed as necessary so that you can get the power you require from the phone.

Your phone should keep charging unless you’re running an app that uses a lot of resources. So, even though it’s happening, you should still see the battery rise over time.

We advise letting your phone charge on its own if you need a fast charge. In fact, keeping your phone in airplane mode will give it the fastest charge ever. This is helpful for those who use wireless chargers to charge their phones.

How to Extend Battery Life 

Many users use their smartphones while they are charging. If they aren’t plugged in, they will run out of power. To avoid having their phone die while they are using it, they plug it in.

This is a problem, to begin with. To check if there are any battery-related concerns, you must bring your phone to a tech specialist. If your phone won’t keep a charge, the battery damaged and you need a new one.

If it turns out that your battery is fine, you might need to adjust the way you charge your device.

Buy a Reliable Charger

Your phone’s battery will suffer if you use cheap and/or outdated chargers. In actuality, you might be harming it even more.

Make sure you don’t choose the cheapest option when purchasing a charger, whether it be a standard charger or a fast charger. Your wallet might like it in the short term, but if you choose cheap chargers, you might find yourself paying more money for chargers.

Avoid overnight charging.

Your phone won’t harmed if you charge it overnight. But, in general, you should avoid leaving your phone charging overnight.

By doing this, the phone is kept from overheating. Even though your phone won’t be harmed by overheating.

You should look for times during the day to charge your phone, rather than charging it at night. While getting ready in the morning or taking a bath at night, you can have some free time.

Avoid leaving your phone plugged in for an excessive amount of time. Modern smartphones shouldn’t be left on the charger for too long, even though they can’t overcharge. 

Additionally, it’s essential to place the phone on a solid, flat surface while it charges. The phone shouldn’t be left on top of a cloth or other comparable object. This may increase the temperature inside the phone by producing heat around it.

Avoid Short Charging

You should charge your phone to at least 80% when charging it. Short charging bursts can damage the battery. Although it might see you through the day, it might be limiting the number of battery cycles your phone’s battery can take.

The projected number of battery cycles that each phone’s battery can withstand before beginning to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear. More brief cycles reduce the number of cycles that your phone can tolerate. 

On the other hand, you shouldn’t think that charging your phone all the way required. When trying to get through the day, getting to 100% is excellent, but you don’t have to wait till your phone hits 100% before unplugging it. 80% is enough for a whole charging cycle if you want to use your phone while you’re waiting for it to stop charging.

You shouldn’t plug in your phone for a longer charge until it has approximately 20% battery remaining. Waiting until it runs out will save you from having to charge it quickly.

However, you shouldn’t put off charging your phone until it is completely dead. The charging cycles on your phone could suffer if you let the battery die.

Pick Wireless Chargers Carefully

As smartphone companies start to offer wireless charging, wireless chargers are growing in popularity. However, you must be careful when choosing a wireless charger.

You should choose a high quality wireless charger, just like you would choose your charging cord and charging block. The functionality of your phone depends on the tools you’re using. More significantly, it has an impact on the battery of your phone.

In actuality, a cheap wireless charger is unlikely to function for very long. It’s doubtful that the charger’s magnet can access the phone’s battery. Cheap magnets are unsuitable for wireless chargers. As a result, you would put your phone on the charger only to discover that it was completely uncharged.


There is no issue with using your cellphone while charging, as it has no effect on the phone’s battery level unless your device was badly designed.

Overall, you want to make sure that you’re taking good care of the battery in your phone. The chargers and accessories you’re using have an impact on the battery life of your smartphone. Therefore, you should be sure to spend money on high-quality phone chargers. 

Compared to other wireless phone chargers on the market, our QROV MAX is faster and stronger. So, give it a try today.



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