QROV: MagSafe compatible wireless car charger for iPhone & Android!

The idea of wireless charging is not new, but using a single device to charge an iPhone, Android, and other electronic devices is a new and pragmatic concept. The QROV is a MagSafe compatible wireless car charger, the most advanced charger with Qi standards and magnetic technology to deal with a variety of phones worldwide.

What does “MagSafe” charging mean?

MagSafe word is used by Apple to describe the magnetic technology that’s built into the back of iPhones.

An internal magnet used in the MagSafe battery charging technique. MagSafe chargers magnetized and perfectly aligned to the device to ensure a secure charging experience.

Your iPhone compatible with the MagSafe attached with positioned magnets, which offers faster wireless charging. Any Qi-certified charger, including the MagSafe Charger, used to wirelessly charge iPhones, AirPods, and other devices.

Technology and Working

MagSafe car mount uses a state-of-the-art wire coil design that enables Qi wireless charging while working with magnets. These magnets attach to internal shields, magnets, and sensors that enable charging and transmit vital data to the phone.

The MagSafe combines copper-graphite and nanocrystalline shields with advanced sensors to ensure more responsive and efficient charging. This enables the phone to be charged more quickly and safely.

Qi technology uses base standards to transmit power using electromagnetic waves. All charging takes place in an enclosed space without cables, making this a universal standard.

MagSafe Compatible

QROV is a uniquely innovative MagSafe car mount charger that follows Qi standards with magnetic technology, which means-

QROV >One car> one charger for both an Android and iPhone.

  • For iPhone- keep MagSafe mode and charge your phone with a magnetic attachment.
  • For an Android- position it by turning the side arm up.

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