Make Your Car A Cable Free Zone With Wireless Car Charger!

Global wireless charging use is escalating. Wireless phones, wireless internet, wireless car charger, and wireless charging have all evolved over the course of a few decades. Despite the fact that wireless charging is still in its infancy, it is expected that the technology will grow significantly over the next few years.

The technology is currently present in a wide range of useful products, including electric vehicles, wearable technologies, wireless car charger, household appliances, cell phones, and computers. Today, a number of wireless charging technologies are in use, all of which attempt to do without the cords.

As wireless charging offers increased mobility and advancements that might allow Internet of Things (IoT) devices to be charged from a distance, the automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing industries increasingly embracing the technology.

By 2026, the market for wireless charging expected to be worth more than $30 billion globally. In unsafe areas where an electrical spark could cause an explosion, it provides customers with the utmost convenience and ensures safe charging.

In this blog, we will discuss one of the convenient innovations of technology, which is the wireless car charger. A wireless charger not only makes your car a cable-free zone but also gives a decent look to your dashboard.

Car wireless charger

A wireless car phone charger is a gadget that enables you to charge your phone in the car to manage your charging time with all convenience.

Wireless (also known as inductive) charging has been a reality since the 1990s. You place your phone on wireless car phone charger to conveniently charge it.

Induction coils, which are essentially iron wrapped in copper wire, are integrated into both the car phone wireless charger and your phone to charge wirelessly. When both coils are in direct contact, an electromagnetic field is produced that enables electricity to transfer from one coil (in the charging pad) to another (in your phone). Your phone’s induction coil then transmits that conducted electricity to its battery, causing it to start charging.

MagSafe and magnetic charging

The magnetic wireless car phone charger is an inevitable wireless charging solution.

Another device that makes use of the qualities of magnets is the car phone wireless charger. Metals attracted to or pulled away from magnetic materials like iron and steel. Magnets are important to create an electromagnetic field to charge efficiently by using magnetic wireless charging.

Fast wireless charging assured with the MagSafe Charger for iPhones. Your iPhone 14, 14 Pro, iPhone 13,  13 Pro, iPhone 12, and 12 Pro are attached by precisely aligned magnets, which offer faster wireless charging of up to 15 W.

Qi-certified charger, car phone wireless charger, is used to wirelessly charge an iPhone 8 or later, an AirPods model with a wireless charging case, and other devices.

Only the iPhone 14, 14 Pro, iPhone 13,  13 Pro, iPhone 12, and 12 Pro devices offer the magnetic alignment experience.

And the best magnetic MagSafe fast wireless charger to charge your Android, iPhone, and even AirPods is the QROV Max.

To charge your iPhone, mount the device on the QROV Max in MagSafe wireless charging mode. If your phone is an Android and compatible with wireless car charger, twist the side arm up and place it. 

Why choose charging mount

Whenever we choose to have a gadget, we choose one with maximum comfort and practical features. Among the various ways to charge your phone in-cabin wirelessly, choosing a car mount for phones is the best option.

When using a charging pad or stand, you must unplug or disconnect charging. On long routes, using a navigation app would make it difficult to charge or choose the best turn.

With a car mount for phones, you can attach your charging mount in any comfortable place, make hand-free calls, and use the navigation app without unplugging the charger. You can use and charge your phone simultaneously in the car mount for phones.

Best car wireless charging mount to book

Qi Wireless technology makes charging your smartphone in a car truly convenient. But choosing the best magnetic MagSafe fast wireless charger for a vehicle is not much of a task.

Wireless car charger like QROV offers discreet Qi charging integration into the interior of your car. With Qi standards, you can simply set your smartphone on a fast wireless charger to charge wirelessly. No more using cords, plugging in your phone, or having a dead battery while driving. QROV car wireless chargers have universal standard certification and are secure to use.

The most common cause of slow charging in most devices is coil misalignment. However, with QROV’s advanced features such as auto-coil adjustment, it self-detects the ideal spot to maximise charging speed.

QROV is the only fast wireless charger that comes with a mobile app, and it comes with multiple mounts to choose your favorite spot and rotate at 360-degree angle.

Your modern needs demand extraordinary gadgets with advanced features, and QROV is the best wireless car charger to do all that is necessary.


Wireless charging allows your phone to begin charging immediately after you place it on the charging pad. There aren’t any cables to fiddle with or that could make your car’s interior look unkempt.

Another thing to add to your list is the launch of the QROV MagSafe wireless car charger. With all the speculation going around, we can say one thing for sure: this one will be worth having.

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