Universal 360-Degree Rotating MagSafe Car Mount: QROV

Technology is transforming the world, and every advanced step in innovation is solution driven. The QROV MagSafe car mount is the finest example of technological innovation. If we look at the numbers, using a phone while driving increases the risk of an accident by four times (WHO). Whether we are venturing out an unfamiliar route or making an emergency call, we make use of the mobile phone, which is necessary but distracting.

You might be wondering what QROV MagSafe Car Mount means. What’s special about QROV? And how can we rotate our device at any angle?

Let’s understand each solution-oriented approach in detail and much more.

As we are aware of the value and usefulness of modern wireless car charger mount. Constantly holding phones on the dashboard causes drivers to take their eyes off the road, thus increasing the risk to themselves and other road users.

QROV is a unique ultra-steady magnetic mount wireless charger that has built-in high-quality materials for its consistency and weight. The MagSafe is used for the charger that charges iPhones, and the mount in QROV signifies where we can easily place our wireless charging compatible device to charge wirelessly.

The bracket will automatically open after touching the sensing area to mount your wireless charging compatible device on a car mount wireless charger. The Auto Clamp will hold your phone securely in place.

QROV, the best MagSafe car mount, has its 360-degree rotation altered to meet your ease and preferences. This magnet mount wireless charger ensures that you never run out of power when navigating unfamiliar roads.

You can easily rotate your wireless car charger mount at any rotational degree and at any angle to enjoy a safer and more enjoyable driving experience without having to worry about your phone’s battery.

Enjoy Landscape or Portrait Mode: While the landscape mode of the QROV car mount wireless charger makes it even easier to access your preferred navigation applications, the portrait position is ideal for playing music and making hands-free calls.

Let’s explore more about the advantages of the rotational MagSafe car Count.

You can adjust it to your comfort.

Having a fixed mount is not comfortable every time. For example, if we use navigation apps, we want our devices in different positions. Some prefer it on the dashboard, some underneath the dashboard. Some want it at a 90-degree angle, some at 45 degrees. Trying to adjust the fixed mount can cause wear and tear on the charging device. Having a rotational magnet mount wireless charger means that your ease is at the desired angle.

The landscape mode is designed to ease navigation.

Asking ‘where that route leads’ is rare. All thanks to navigation apps. Navigation apps not only help us to find odd routes but it will also find the shortest and most convenient routes. Holding your phone repeatedly is not only distracting, but it can cause you to miss your turn. Such an event spoils our travel experience. Having a car mount wireless charger -QROV means having your favorite angle and a visible screen. Not only this, but while waiting for your friend, you can simply continue watching your favorite Netflix series in landscape mode.

Hands-free calls with portrait mode

Rotating your phone in portrait mode has different advantages. Getting the phone out of your side pocket is distracting, but you never know which call is important. Also, holding the phone while you are calling is risky. The ultimate solution is hand-free calls in portrait mode.

With the QROV wireless car charger mount, you can simply decide which call needs to be answered and which can be delayed. Having your phone in portrait mode also adds comfort while listening to music.

The position of the MagSafe car mount has an impact on the ease and visibility of the screen, so fixing it at a visible angle is essential. Whether you want it on the air vent, dashboard, windshield, underneath the dashboard, or at any angle, you have complete 360-degree rotational freedom.

  • You can reliably charge your smartphones whether they placed in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • The charger is safe for use with Qi charging compatible devices, including Apple iPhones and air pods.
  • The included high protection circuit keeps the temperatures at an optimal range for efficient charging.


One of the main uses of a phone is still communication, whether it be with co-workers or close friends and family. However, when driving, especially on long highways or routes, it is done hands-free. So, it’s important to keep your phone in an accessible position and at a visible angle. Simply set your iPhone down on a wireless charging mount, QROV. The best way to meet your charging needs and rotational ease.

QROV is all about no distraction>comfort> better experience >while providing Qi charging.

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