Why a Car Magnetic Wireless Charger Won’t Damage Your Smartphones.

The general view that magnets damage modern electrical devices, such as car magnetic wireless charger is still uncertain. Many people believe that magnets can destroy or wipe data on hard drives or interfere with your phone’s GPS. But do magnets actually damage our electronics?

In reality, magnets are used in a lot of the appliances we use on a daily basis, from our speakers to the washing machine. Additionally, magnets found in our personal electrical devices like earbuds and wireless chargers.

One of the most recent advancements in smartphone charging technology is magnetic wireless charging. No longer do the traditional micro-USB cords need to be plugged into your device’s charging port.

Magnetic charging requires you to place your wireless-compatible device into the car magnetic wireless charger. That’s how easy it is. which is why magnetic charging is so prevalent right now.

The ability to easily connect your smartphone to a power source and charge it is the main advantage of magnetic charging. There is no need to seek out a wall socket or even a digital adapter. Simply mount your phone on a wireless car charger.

However, given wireless charging’s growing popularity, many people are still curious whether magnets have an effect on it. In this blog, we will clear up all the myths regarding magnets and their effects on car magnetic wireless charger.

Magnets in Wireless Chargers

Metals, such as iron and steel, strongly drawn or attracted by magnetic materials. The in-built characteristics of magnets have been used in almost every electronic gadget, including wireless car chargers. Many technologies have made use of this innate property of magnets.

Magnetic wireless car charger are among the greatest wireless charging solutions. Without your assistance or the use of any additional materials, your phone (in a phone case) will mount to the charger to provide secure charging.

How does magnetic charging work?

It works on the principle of inductive charging, where we have two magnets to generate electric fields. This implies that you can charge any wirelessly compatible device with one magnetic wireless car charger.

QROV MagSafe car charger share universal compatibility with any wirelessly compatible device, including charging AirPods.

The only major distinction between magnetic charging and conventional charging is the cord connector.

QROV Max can easily connect with one C-type cord for permanent convenience. The cable must first connect to the wireless car charger to charge any smartphone.

What role do magnets play in wireless charging?

As we all know, magnets enable wireless charging because they transfer power using a magnetic field. Nikola Tesla and other inventors started building electronic gadgets employing electromagnetic energy. Scientists in the 19th century identified the connection between magnetism and electricity, establishing the groundwork for wireless charging.

Magnets in magnetic wireless car charger, create an electromagnetic field to transfer power from the transmitter coil to the receiver coil, which enables wireless car chargers to charge wirelessly compatible devices.

Can it ruin your phone’s battery?

The swift response is no. Your battery won’t be ruined by magnetic charging. Magnets used in electronic gadgets for one or more purposes. Magnetic charging is an idea for convenience that enables us to charge our phones while driving. Over time, magnetic charging has done no harm to your phone.

Electronics, computers, and other electronic gadgets like the wireless MagSafe car charger all often use magnets. However, there isn’t much cause for concern. Electronics contain safe-to-use, household-level magnets. Furthermore, magnets lead to many other convenient possibilities with other devices if they installed correctly.

To avoid interference between the phone and the charging coils, trustworthy magnetic wireless charger manufacturers include QROV. The reliable magnet mounts wireless charger and brand. QROV Max is a MagSafe car charger that shares universal compatibility and uses strong and stable magnets to ensure safe charging.

Furthermore, deliberately placing the metal on or inside the phone’s case can also prevent damage to the complicated internal components.

Advantages of using magnetic wireless charging

It is practical and convenient to use magnetic charging since it is not plugged into a wall or power outlet. Its distinctive shape makes it simpler to charge your smartphone while placing it on a car phone holder charger.

It is considerably simpler to charge your smartphone when using magnetic charging. Charging your phone while driving is even more convenient with a wireless car mount charger.

Therefore, it’s not difficult to understand why magnetic charging is gaining so much attention at the moment.

QROV’s car mount magnetic wireless charger

Using innovative features, QROV attaches and secures your phone with strategically positioned magnets. Any iPhone or smartphone that supports wireless charging is compatible with the QROV car phone holder charger. The fact that your phone automatically aligns when you mount your smartphone on the charger makes it really convenient. The QROV Max is the most considerable option for a wireless magnetic car charger.


The makers of technology are aware of how significant your phone is to you and how you don’t want anything to interfere with how it works. The greatest phones and accessories are made with the user’s requirements in mind. They also take precautions to ensure that the phone’s battery not ruined. QROV Max is a well-crafted wireless car phone holder charger that fulfills all the needs of in-cabin wireless charging comfort and convenience

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