Why Are Wireless Chargers Better?

Technology is inevitable and so the contribution of Nikola Tesla – Tesla’s contributed to the development of hundreds of technologies that play indispensable parts in our daily lives—like the remote control, computers, smartphones, laser beams, x-rays, robotics, and, of course, the foundation for existing wireless charging technology used in a modern wireless car charger.

Tesla’s invention of magnetic resonant coupling enables the transmission of energy using two circuits—a transmitter and a receiver—via air.

It’s been decades since wireless charging technology became popular as a reliable, practical, and secure way to run and charge electrical equipment. Healthcare, automotive, aerospace, and the manufacturing of consumer goods are all experiencing growth in wireless charging in recent years.

The size of the wireless charging market worldwide is 23.7 billion in 2022, Forecasted to be 52.3 billion by 2025.

Wireless Charging

Inductive charging means transferring power from the wall outlet to your electronic devices without a direct connection to the cord. Wireless charging is also known as WPT (Wireless Power Transfer).

The Wireless charging is safe, reliable, and charges effortlessly. Wireless charging is available for all sorts of Qi-enabled electronic devices, from iPhones and Androids to smartwatches, earbuds, and more.

A magnetic wireless car charger allows your phone to begin charging immediately after you place it on the charging pad or charging mount, eliminating the need for you to carry a cable around. There are no cables that fiddled with or that could make your car’s interior look messy.

  • Convenience is the main benefit of wireless charging. You simply need to place the gadget you want to charge on the charging mount or pad to use wireless charging technology.
  • Wireless car phone chargers are preferable because it lengthens the lifespan of the electronic device and eliminates the problem of wear and tear.
  • Wireless charging offers a universal solution, a single charging station may simultaneously charge many devices.
  • The risk associated with charging chords in terms of electric shocks and exposure to electrical sockets and connectors is decreased by their absence.
  • Mostly magnetic wireless car chargers are Qi certified that made phone charger’s safety unbeatable.

There are many reasons to switch to wireless charging technology, and it is not possible to list them all. In this blog, we will explore some of the reasons to adopt wireless charging technology.

Benefits Of Wireless Charging


Wireless charging offers unparalleled convenience, with 85% of users reporting they are pleased with the experience. One of the main elements that made wireless charging attractive is its convenience. We depend on wireless technologies, from Wi-Fi to wireless phone chargers. We can easily carry out our daily tasks due to wireless technology. Wireless charging eliminates the need for long charging cords. This technology allows you to mount or place your phone into a charging pad or charging mount to charge.

Safe Charging

When charging an electronic device, security must always come first. Due to their reduced susceptibility to wear and tear, wireless car phone charger prevents electrical surges from happening and reduce overheating. In the event of a power outage, wired charging technology has the problem of transmitting unwanted power outside the prescribed zone, while wireless charging is safe. Many people are sceptical about plugging any random USB cables to charge devices indiscriminately. Since they feared that data passed through cables, wireless technology eliminates this fear of data transfer and power outrage.


Having a wireless fast charger is a blessing. A wireless charging system eliminates the clutter around your desk and allows you to concentrate on the task at hand.


Whether you’re at home, at work, or in the car. Wireless technology enables you to charge your device. You can also have a wireless car charger while traveling to charge your smartphone.

More durable

How many conventional, wired chargers have you had to replace since receiving your smartphone? Traditional chargers are less durable and wear out much more quickly than their wireless counterparts.  Since we do not have to plug and unplug the cables frequently in wireless charging, there is less risk of wear and tear. Also, the coil of the phone for wireless charging is not exposed, which protects against oxidation and corrosion of the charger.

Universal capabilities

In wired chargers to charge many devices simultaneously, you also need many different cords and connectors. If you use wireless charging, this drastically changes. You can charge several devices simultaneously. wireless car charger for iPhone and android is also state-of-the-art technology present. Since Qi charging is the universal standard, if you have a wireless device, you can use the same charging pad or mount for the device.


Today, a variety of wireless charging technologies are available that eliminate the need for wires for a variety of devices, including mobile phones, wearable smart devices, computers, home appliances, and automobiles. From convivence to universal compatibility wireless technology is an era of sustainability.

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