Does MagSafe Charging Affect The Phone Battery?

Apple’s wireless phone charger magnetic technology is included in the interior design of the iPhone 12 and onward models. MagSafe originally developed as a safety feature for MacBook charging cords. To establish a new ecosystem of accessories for simple connection and quicker wireless phone charger, wireless charging was introduced into the iPhone 12.

But as every coin has two sides, you might have questions like– Does MagSafe Damage the Battery? Is MagSafe Bad for Battery? How Fast Is MagSafe Charging? In this blog we will know, is MagSafe really hurting iPhone’s battery or Is there any myth? Some Tips for Using MagSafe, and Much More.

Does MagSafe Damage the Battery?

No, people complain that MagSafe heats up their devices if they use it. Batteries naturally warm up during charging and draining even without a MagSafe car mount charger or wireless charging.

There is no need to halt charging at 80% either. The idea that iPhones “overcharge” is a complete myth. Furthermore, iPhones feature programming and built-in circuitry to slow down charging when the battery is fully charged so that it trickles charges to lessen further stress on the battery. 

What to Do if the MagSafe external battery can only be charged to 90%?

It is normal, all you need to do is change some settings. If you are charging your iPhone from a MagSafe external battery and you get a notification that you can only charge up to 90 percent. In such case scenarios-

Control center>Hold & press lower power mode>click continue> and enable to charge up to 100 percent. When your iPhone fully charged, a notification may appear on the lock screen to let you know. You can tap the notice while holding it down, then select Charge Now to force a charge.

 But MagSafe external batteries are not an appropriate option for driving.

Because charging smartphones while driving is not only about charging the phone but also using it, either for receding important calls or using a navigation app. For long journeys and daily travel MagSafe car mount are the best options.

With advanced MagSafe car mount charger, like QROV you can do a hand-free call and rotate the charger at 360 degrees within portrait or landscape mode for maximum convenience while charging the phone.

Does MagSafe harm batteries? 

Not really, when charging using a MagSafe car mount, the iPhone can reach temperatures of more than 35 °C. MagSafe car chargers or any other MagSafe charging similar to other charging but with more safety. It scientifically shown that this over time affects battery capacity. Whether you use MagSafe or not, your battery will be damaged if it overheats while charging. If you just sometimes charge your iPhone with MagSafe, however, this may not reach disastrous proportions.

Extraordinarily featured MagSafe chargers like QROV max with strong magnets not only assure safe charging but make your short drives more worthy by fast charging and charging the app.

MagSafe charging: Is it quicker than regular charging?

A connector is all that MagSafe is. Through MagSafe or USB-C, with modifications, you may pump any number of watts. Although the USB-C specification only permits 100W, Dell was pushing 135W through it.

The main advantage of MagSafe is the advancement in wireless phone charger, especially in MagSafe car mount. MagSafe technology is compatible with universal standards. if it isn’t aligned exactly to the coil, you will experience a slow charging experience even without realizing it.

By employing magnets to position your phone and the charger correctly, the QROV MagSafe car mount wireless charger makes this experience easier. This ensures that the placement won’t hinder wireless charging. You may supply the iPhone with up to 15W of power with a MagSafe car mount.

Else you can have an Advanced MagSafe car mount charger with advanced features like Auto coil adjustment, with QROV max you don’t need to worry about alignment. QROV Auto coil adjustment perfectly positioned the magnets and provides a 3x faster-charging experience than any conventional charger.

 Charging Advice for Apple MagSafe External Batteries

  1. The iPhone’s MagSafe external battery has a 5w charging capacity. MagSafe wireless phone charger can charge the iPhone 12 onward at a power of 15W when an external Lightning charger with a power rating of 20W or more connected during adsorption.
  2. The iPhone 12 series must have iOS 14.7 or above in order to use the MagSafe external battery. Additionally, both the battery widget and the Today view also display the MagSafe battery level.
  3. Both the MagSafe and the iPhone 12 can be charged at the same time when the MagSafe wireless phone charger is attached to the rear of the iPhone 12. MagSafe will hold off on charging itself until the iPhone’s battery level reaches 80% or higher.
  4. External battery can use whether the iPhone 12 series is wearing a MagSafe case or not. 

Is MagSafe in an iPhone Worth?

MagSafe is difficult, to sum up in a single sentence because it accomplishes many conveniences with many accessories and opportunities. For Apple and accessory makers, the combination of a mounting method and a charging system unlocks a world of potential in charging.

Apple began with its Qi wireless charging coil and then added a number of fresh parts to provide a unique kind of wireless charging that also enables the mounting of various accessories. This makes it possible to enhance the MagSafe car mount wireless charger, add magnets, and still be compatible with Qi wireless charging.

The 5 Best Methods for Maintaining the Health of Your Smartphone’s Battery:

500 charge cycles are the standard rating for modern smartphone batteries. After a few years of use, you will often need to replace the battery.

QROV max is an advanced MagSafe car mount wireless charger for durability and high-end charging. However, you can adopt a few easy practices to extend the battery’s life. 

  •       Maintain a 20% to 80% battery level on your phone.
  •       Keep the battery from frequently ruining to zero.
  •       Try to limit the exposure of your smartphone to harsh weather.
  •       Get high-quality charging mounts, cables, and charging pads.
  •       Get a charger with optimum charging watts.


Accessing the mobile phone requires charging, and Apple themselves introduced the MagSafe wireless charging technology that also uses a MagSafe car mount wireless charger. Charging is the medium to charge iPhones, smartphones, and any chargeable electronic devices to access advanced features to make connection and communication to make daily tasks more manageable.

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